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Meet Michael

My interest in serving on the Palomar Health Board is based on my continued desire to serve the community in which my family lives. As you will see from my experience, I have dedicated my career to public service. My interest is also driven by pandemic recovery efforts by supporting the people of this district as well as those who provide the excellent care within it. I bring a wealth of experience to the board in the form of: medical background, board experience, policy development, labor union collaboration, emergency operations and disaster preparedness.

Throughout my career in the public service, I have sought many opportunities and challenges. These opportunities came about through hard work and dedication. Many of the diverse opportunities, in the various sectors that I served, were earned through volunteering, self-education and training.

My career in emergency services began at an early age. My career plans have been aimed towards joining the fire service. My early career training and education started me on this path. I became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at the age of 19, I then began my Paramedic career at the age of 22. I joined the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) at 26. I retired from SDFD after 30 years of service. 

 During my time in the emergency service and SDFD, I worked up the ranks to Battalion Chief. Towards the end of my career, I worked in Administration under the Assistant Fire Chief of Operation. I worked closely with high profile elected members of the City and County. I developed policy for the City as well as County EMS.

 Operationally, I planned for emergency services for high profile events in San Diego and surrounding areas. I was in charge of large-scale incidents within the City and served throughout California on wild fire strike teams. I worked within the incident command system during these events and actual emergency incidents.

I have been involved in the Urban Search & Rescue Team (USAR) in San Diego County since its inception in 1989. Within this team, I have been part of the planning and preparedness for large scale disasters. This involved State and Federal working groups, budgeting, purchasing and training. Within this team I was selected to respond to New York for the World Trade Center collapse in the September, 11th attack. I was also selected to respond to the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Lastly, I have been very involved in my community for many years. I served on the Valley Center Fire Protection District Board (VCFPD), for two terms, 8 years. This position is also an elected position. During these terms, I served as President and Vice President. The VCFPD board was responsible for providing fire and EMS throughout Valley Center. During my term I was largely responsible for negotiating the first paramedic service contract for the Valley Center Pauma Service District. The VCFPD board manages a $3 million budget and three fire stations.

 This is but a small sample of my commitment of service to the public. I have worked hard and dedicated much of my life to pursue my goals and help others. I am happy to provide further details of these and other endeavors in my life and career. I am honored to serve the Palomar Heath District to best of my ability.


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